Accident Victim

Due to a bicycle accident, I began to experience constant low back pain down my left leg. The pain continued for over 3 months. Also, I was having neck pains accompanied with headaches…Dr. Widenbaum took a case history and I was given a complete chiropractic, neurological and orthopedic examination in addition to x-rays. The doctor then placed me on a treatment program. Dr. Widenbaum has an excellent way of explaining things in layman terms. After only one visit, I was feeling great. After only the second visit, I was completely pain free. I have chosen to undergo additional treatments in order to correct the underlying cause of the problem, so that it may never return. I encourage others to seek chiropractic care.

Migraine Headaches
I used to get migraine headaches at least 3-4 times per month. This has gone on for many years. In the past 2 months that I have been coming in for treatments, I have not had one single headache! "I love my Chiropractor!!!"

Computer-Related Symptoms
Wow! I am actually writing this sitting at my computer after a full day, and my neck and back aren't killing me! Before I started chiropractic care, I couldn't sit for more than an hour without pain. At the end of the workday, all I could do was come home and whine to my husband to massage my aching back and neck. Now I find I'm able to get more work done in a day. I can sit through plays and films without getting fidgety. "Life is definitely better." Again, thanks for all your help.

Asthma Sufferer
I have suffered from asthma most of my life and it became a very serious problem after moving to the Tri-Valley area four years ago. I had not been able to lead a productive life in any way. I have had to take medication cortisone and may others on a daily basis…After my first adjustment, I have felt like a new person. I haven't taken any cortisone since that day. I still can't believe this is happening because my health has improved so quickly. One day I felt as if I would never be healthy enough to enjoy life again and the next day I was completely different. Not being able to breathe properly is a terrible way to spend your life and that is how I was living until I met Dr. Widenbaum. "I am so thankful for him!"

Lower Back Pain
After experiencing a severe lower back pain and after being treated by three physicians, orthopedist and acupuncturist, your few treatments put me back together and the pain has disappeared. I am very grateful to you, and wish to express to the new patients these words. "Trust him. He'll do you good"

Pediatric Care
My wife and our two children were rear-ended in an automobile accident. Connie sought chiropractic care for herself because she was had severe problems. The children appeared to be okay at the time. Gradually, our infant son became very restless and was eating less and less. His medical doctor could not find anything wrong with him. My wife could not cope with seeing him crying all day and night, so she took him to Dr. Widenbaum for an exam and subsequent series of adjustments. He is sleeping through the night and gaining weight.

Sharp Back Pain
Over the past five years, I have found it necessary to take a 15 to 25 minute walk every day to avoid suffering a sharp lower back pain the next day as I would sit at the computer. Since my second visit to Dr. Widenbaum I have been able to skip the morning walk and I have not had to suffer the "stab" in the back any more!

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