Wellness is a synergistic relationship between mind, body and environment. While chiropractic care can help restore your body to health, taking a pro-active approach to wellness can help prevent future injuries. This includes proper exercise, nutrition and physical support as well as balanced relationships and a positive sense of self.

I am pleased to offer the following products to help support your healthy lifestyle.

Cervical Orthopedic Pillows
Specially designed pillows to maintain the proper curve in your neck. Available with foam or cotton filling.
(Foam $25.00 Cotton $45.00)

Lumbar Cushion
Designed to fit in the seat of your car as well as your office chair to support the normal lumbar curve in your lower back.

Support Braces
Designed to help support an injured area on a temporary basis. Available for lower back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, knees, ankles and ribs.
($5.00 to $50.00)

Foot Orthodics
Provides proper support for your feet and help alleviate stress from the knees, hip, back and spine. A cast is taken of your foot in our office in a quick, painless procedure and sent to a lab. Leather shoe inserts are then custom made to support your foot.

Ice/Hot Packs
Help reduce swelling and pain in acute (new) injuries by using packs that have been previously placed in the freezer. Alternatively, place in hot water or a microwave to be used as warm, soothing therapy for chronic (old) injuries. In either case, apply to areas of pain 20 minutes of each hour.

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