Dr. Denis Slinkin

Chiropractic from a medical science perspective

Dr. Denis Slinkin claims that by manipulating the spine, any disease can be cured. Specialists are taking on the treatment of general diseases of the joints, lumbago, neuralgia, osteochondrosis, etc. Scientists confirm the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment for diseases of the back, but the data on the treatment of other diseases are ambiguous.

Many chiropractors, who previously disapproved of chiropractors, now refer their patients with disorders of the musculoskeletal system to them. As a result of the combined efforts of the therapist and chiropractor patients are able to avoid complex surgical operations, get rid of back, neck and headaches. 

There is a lot of scientific evidence confirming that spine manipulations relieve lower back pains at least (if not more) than conventional treatment, according to Dr. Denis Slinkin.

Dr. Denis Slinkin

Summarizing the clinical study data, the scientists found that patients with lower back pains after chiropractic treatment were 17% more likely to recover within three weeks than those treated otherwise. 

A three-year observation by the British of more than 700 men and women with lower back pain showed that chiropractor patients were better than those treated in hospitals on a routine basis. There is much less documented evidence of the effectiveness of the treatment of other disorders. Need a special study to determine if spinal manipulation actually relieves menstrual spasms and lowers blood pressure, at least temporarily. 

Dr. Denis Slinkin claims to be successful in treating many other diseases, including peptic ulcers, but there is no reliable evidence to suggest this.