As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I enhance the integrity of the body’s physical health and nervous system. This in harmony with mental and nutritional health can give you a reason to Celebrate Your Health!

While my objective is to provide pain relief as quickly as possible, I take care to determine what is causing the pain and to ultimately correct the underlying cause of the problem. My patients are given complete chiropractic, neurological and orthopedic examinations and x-rays, and a full case history of the attending problem is reviewed prior to being placed on a treatment program.

Health is more than the absence of disease. Health is when every function of your body is operating at optimal levels. Optimal health consists of a triangle of factors: physical, mental and chemical. These factors need to be in equilibrium. Health is lost when at least one, and sometimes all three, are out of balance.

At Celebrate Health, Dr. Widenbaum sets goals for patients that are for long-term pain relief and prevention through education, correction, restoration.

Prevention of future misalignment through understanding the whole mind/body connection, proper nutrition for chemical and hormonal balance and correct neuromuscular structural support and integrity.

Correct spinal position and restore joint motion through hands-on chiropractic techniques.

Restore the spinal curve to its normal position through a series of chiropractic treatments.

Dr.Jonathan J. Widenbaum
7450 San Ramon Road, Dublin CA 94568
Phone: (925)829-8484 Fax: (925) 829-1806

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